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About Us

Hometown Health Care, Big-City innovation.


Mission Statement: It is our mission to provide equal access to quality health care to all persons regardless of age, sex, color, ethnicity, national origin, or the ability to pay.

Vision Statement: We will be a model of excellence in patient satisfaction in community and migrant health care and a community leader in initiating and developing collaborative relationships.

CBHA was called into being by a group of community citizens who wanted to guarantee equal access to health care to all people living and working within Othello’s trade area. In late 1971, a small group of concerned people gathered to brainstorm solutions to the healthcare crisis created by the growth of population, lack of physicians and low reimbursement to physicians from public assistance.  They wanted to find a way to financially support the medically indigent and to respond to the special needs of the migrants and seasonal farm workers and bring preventive medicine and educational programs to their doorsteps.

The small group found a lot of opposition to their vision, but continued to persevere.  Their struggle made news at local and national levels and finally perseverance paid off.  The clinic opened with one staff physician working out of four exam rooms, and the first patient was seen in August 1973.  The demand for services continued to grow in the Othello area, and in 1976 the clinic and administrative offices moved into its current location.  Our paradigm of Family Medicine has proven to be exceedingly successful and obviously fills a health care void in rural Eastern Washington.



2016 – 2018 Roadmap to Quality
Developing Patient-Focused Excellence

CBHA has a strong tradition of expanding access to healthcare services and providing comprehensive and high quality services to the communities we serve. We will continue to use Studer’s Five Pillar model (Services, Quality, People, Finance, and Growth), as we have done in the past, with the addition of a Community pillar, a key component for integrating our clinic, the families, and communities we serve. These pillars will continue to provide the framework for setting our organizational goals and direction for services for the upcoming 2016 – 2018 Strategic Plan.

Improve the health and wellness of our communities

  • Enhance the integrated health delivery system by working with service providers to meet community needs.
  • Provide the right service, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Implement innovative technology to expand service and access to all.

Advance a customer and quality focused culture

  • Optimize health information and patient flow systems to ensure access to quality care.
  • Foster a physically and psychologically safe environment for our patients and workforce.
  • Excel in accreditation and performance standards

Recruit, retain and recognize a quality workforce

  • Recruit, develop, retain, and recognize providers and staff who provide world-class care and are committed to the mission of CBHA.
  • Maintain a dynamic workforce through periods of transition.
  • Establish cutting-edge solutions for improved recruitment and communication to potential candidates.

Maintain at least 5% net operating margin

  • Improve access to timely and accurate data to drive decision making. 
  • Review options, develop strategies, and implement plans to repurpose the uses of the soon to be vacant Othello Family Clinic (OFC) and 14th Ave. buildings.
  • Pursue funding opportunities that are available to improve access to services and/or increase scope of services under the changing political climate.

Actively seek and implement opportunities

  • Expand and grow services to meet community needs.
  • Aggressively manage our service delivery and patient flow to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Optimize the use of existing assets for service or organizational expansion.

Recognized as a vital and engaged community leader

  • Educate community on the benefits of using CBHA technology to better meet their needs.
  • Encourage providers and staff to actively participate in community service organizations and events
  • Development and implementation of a results-focused marketing/branding program.

Successful implementation of these strategies will help us achieve the following desired future goals:

  • Provide comprehensive services that meet community needs and demands
  • Enhance value by improving quality of services and outcomes.
  • Ensure our sustainability by the successful recruitment, retention, and recognition of providers and staff.
  • Maintain our financial strength by adding revenue sources and services through the effective management of our resources.